I felt like I was in a commercial and he really touched on some subjects that my place of employment is currently struggling with. He is a great speaker and knows how to capture the audiences attention.

Brilliant! Thanks for making me laugh and thanks for making a tough topic light-hearted!

Trudy Scott

Great segment! Really well done! Entertaining and informative. Look forward to more topics. Keep it going.

Ferzana Jessa

This was such an awesome presentation. I learned a great deal from this presenter in such a short time. I will definitely refer to his recommendations and suggestions for working with clients.

Best presenter of the event. Was informative and able to deliver relevant information/in-sight while being able to connect with attendance with personal reflection and humor.

You Rock Reef Karim. Love how you bring the energy love it…

Karim Ali

Good show! Weed, like anything else, can be used appropriately — or misused. I see it helping a great deal for a variety of issues. On the other hand, for adolescents who should be developing social and emotional skills, these can go up in smoke. The problems stay until the individuals clear up the … Read more

Hyla Cass, M.D.

“Dr. Reef Karim is a visionary, a thought leader, an influencer, an expert, an amazing speaker and a truly gifted man. He is one of the most caring, supportive and insightful psychiatrists with whom I have ever worked. Dr. Reef’s passion for helping other clients and myself to grow is readily appare… Read more

Stephanie H.

Dr. Reef’s latest reach into the culture of sex, drugs and human behavior is his new show Reef Madness. Check it out!

Fox News

I am truly glad I stayed to the end of this conference. By far the best session and presenter.

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